Tents, Swags, Gazebos, Furniture, Lighting, Cookware, Sleeping Bags

Fridges, Iceboxes, Knives, Gas, Toilets, Binoculars, Heaters

We have an unbelievable, wide range of camping products - everything you need to go bush in comfort!

If you don't see it, you probably don't need it, but just ask us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Our camping products include:

  • Gas stoves, lights, heaters, hot water systems, bottles including LP gas refills, gas gear, hoses, fittings and regulators
  • Ozpig portable cooker / heaters
  • Portable toilet additives and water purification treatments
  • Insect repellents including citronella candles and insect sprays
  • Camping furniture and storage equipment:
    • Air beds, folding beds, instant beds, self-inflating mattresses, 4WD mats, foam mats, swag mattresses
    • Camp chairs, folding chairs and stools
    • Folding tables, sturdy Lifetime blow mould tables
  • Big variety of swags - single, double, traditional, dome, canvas
  • Batteries for all your camping and outdoor products
  • Iceboxes, portable fridge/freezers and a full range of fridge accessories
  • Insulated carriers and packs
  • Generators and inverters
  • Hammocks, hammock frames and accessories
  • Storage solutions including plastic bins and crates
  • Maps, Camp site directories, 4WD atlases and guide books
  • Bow, arrows and archery supplies
  • Lights and lighting products:
    • Torches
    • LED headlamps
    • LED camp lights, trouble lights and strip lighting
    • Gas lamps and accessories
    • Batteries
    • Fluoro lights
    • Candles
  • Seam sealing products
  • Gear repair products
  • Water filters and purification products
  • Full range of knives, machetes, slingshots and compasses
  • Washing machines and accessories
  • Dehydrated food
  • Binoculars, telescopes, scopes and other optic products

All the tents and swags you need!